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Originally Posted by ///Mandy View Post
I think that maybe alot of parents out there are scared to punish their children for fear of child services taking their kids away or they are parents being charged for assault. Maybe it's the laws that needs to be changed...spanking a child should not be grounds for phyiscal abuse.
It feels to me that this is an ongoing circle with no clarity on the starting point....
That is a good point. I remember talking with a few friends about this the other day. We were "reminiscing" about the days when if you acted up in school, you would get a good slap by the teacher, then another few once your parents found out. Would be interested to know when/how the law actually changed to the way it is now.

It's much the same idea as the rest of this thread, but hiring most of these younger kids, they feel as though they are entitled to things as well as being able to do whatever they feel like while at work. Working in the IT industry, I really thought that there would be an overrun of the younger generation coming in to this field. So far, the only thing I see is the kids who did it because they thought it would be easy/cool, and don't know their ass from a hole in the wall when it comes to real skills.