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E93 Retrofit

HELP!!! this is driving me crazy. I am still looking for anyone who has tried this retrofit on an E93. Some of the steps are the same but I am having trouble with getting the mic wires sorted out.

The bluetooth antenna is in the same place - I have installed the antenna and modified the plug as per the previous post and made the connection at the MULF.

The mic on an E93 is located in the steering colum - not over head in the FZD as in the other E90s - I have installed the mic.

Prior to installation I tried using an ohm meter to confirm the mic wires are continous from the colum location to the plug in the trunk. In previous posts rewiring the plug behind the glove box is necessary but in my case the wires must take a different route to the trunk. The 10 pin natural colored plug is there (behind the glove box) but the yellow and black wires are not present. The yellow and black mic wires at the colum lead into the main wire harness and I have no idea where they go from there.

All that is left is to get the mic connected to the MULF and I would like to try and use the existing wiring - worst case I guess I have to add new wires from the mic to the MULF. Anyone have ideas on where they may go?

I have ahd the car recoded and everything works - I can pair a phone and dial out but no one can hear me so obviously I need to find where I do not have a connection - there has to be a plug somewhere that needs to be re-pinned

First picture is of the mic plug in the colum (yellow and black wires)
Second picture is of the glove box plug (no yellow and black wires)
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