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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post

Also, it's all relative, man. Generally, Malcontents aren't happy no matter how high they climb the ladder. Work on your state of mind and that should help a lot. Sure, it won't do the things money can do, but adjusting your perspective is free.
yes very true

Originally Posted by anerbe View Post
Since it seems your family side is established (I assume you are satisfied with the result), I would work on your occupation - to make sure it is something you enjoy doing.

I would stay in your line if there's an opportunity to grow, where you will make more money while doing something more enjoyable. If you would still hate the higher paying job, the satisfaction in making more $ will not last long. Don't get caught in the money = satisfaction cycle. Like others have said. You'll always be wanting more.
exactly I just need to find that "comfort zone"

Originally Posted by donovan View Post
Start living like there is no tomorrow man... and stop watching the news.
haha the news is a bunch of bs half the time

Originally Posted by PSUSMU View Post
Fail. You're not going to make money in something there's no money in
watch me?

Originally Posted by Litos View Post
i didn't wanna be so harsh on the kid, but Public Administration is the degree that people get while working at Wal-Mart or Target.

......and when they get it, they stay at Target or Wal-Mart because it's better.....
A B.S. in Public Administration won't land me at Target or Walmart I wouldn't have wasted my money on a pointless degree, like art...

Originally Posted by Wraith. View Post
21.. 2 kids... Wife doesn't work and a car you can't afford. Man, where to start? As others have said car has to go, wife has to work. If you don't make some changes now it's only going to get worse.
I can afford the car I don't know why everyone is saying to get rid of it lol anyways watching the baby right now is like work for her It will get better once I graduate

Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I would think taking care of a 1 year old takes quite a lot of work...+ being pregnant..
yes it is a full-time job for her and myself when i'm home

Originally Posted by E90 87ss View Post
Success is relative so long as your basic needs to survive and flourish are met. Most people are unable to meet the first let alone the second...
true, well said

Originally Posted by J.Lowrey View Post
Don't focus so much on what you don't have. You're a dad, that's the most important thing ever. If that don't make you feel successful, maybe nothing will.
I'm 26, getting married next year, have 1 child, and make $45k yearly.
Could I want more? Absolutely.
But am I happy with everything as it is? Damn right I am
I like your attitude. Being a dad is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and you i'm sure. Congrats on getting married!

Originally Posted by PSUSMU View Post
You will have an uphill struggle for the rest of your life. Might as well give up now.
Ok, lets agree to disagree

Originally Posted by Augenbrauezug View Post
I guess if you regularly go around kicking people while their down, it probably would give an ego boost.
It's ok because it is the internet

Originally Posted by aizze View Post
Dude you're doing awesome, me I'm 21 make less then 25k a year, have a girlfriend that's most likely sleeping with another dude while I'm stuck here working the graveyard shift at this hospital. My studies are going wrong, its my 3rd year in college and I'm technically considered a sophomore/freshman with 103 credit hours, I still live with my parents and the only thing I can call my own is my car...

so yea, don't complain about your life, you are pretty well off...
that is tough bro, at least you are doing things and not just sitting at home or working a dead beat job, school is most important. sounds like the girl needs to go....

Originally Posted by Oregano123 View Post
just think along the lines of "dont care, had sex"
lol DCHS

Originally Posted by michaelthepsycho View Post
WTF brah. I'm 23 and never worked a second in my life. I'm garbage compared to you. I think you're pretty successful. Get over the notion of upper class because most rich people are still just middle class. The fact that you have a kid at such a young age while not being broke means you're doing alright. I think you need to come inside less often, that's all.
your not garbage haha but thank you. I see what you did at the end there

Originally Posted by IFX View Post
good god dude, your 21 and have two kids..Also married?

I'd be suicidal.

I'm 21 as well..

Al jokes aside, finish school and see what happens..
it's tough but worth it. Finishing my undergrad will be a huge burden off my shoulder's forsure.

Originally Posted by adobeee View Post
A lot of wise words in this thread. I've enjoyed reading every post here.

I can relate to how you're feeling. My parents have been unemployed for years and opportunities just didn't seem that ripe from where I came from (Rowland Heights, CA). However, I worked hard with the encouragement of my family, got into a good business school (UC Berkeley), and landed a job at a technology investment bank. It was through perseverance and confidence without attitude that got me to where I am today.

As someone said, success is relative and comes in different ways. I truly agree with this statement. Some classify success as financial independence while others think of success as being content with life. I was 22 when I landed my investment banking gig and was probably making more than 98% of people my age in US, but I wasn't feeling truly happy. I wanted to make an impact by doing something I truly love (working at a startup or some sort) that could make a lasting impact in the world. Money may provide the means to being happy (being able to live, eat, driving a nice car), but it doesn't bring true happiness from within. I speak that from experience.

I hope I shed some light for your situation and I would recommend making a few changes:

- First immediate change I would do is to change your car if you can sell it a reasonable price and get something more affordable.
- Second intermediate change is to finish your degree.
- Third long-term change is to find a job you truly love, while keeping family at heart. Your wife may need to get another job to support the new child. This is just personal opinion, but you should have planned the second kit better.

Work hard, then you can play hard.
Yes a lot of good advice, sounds like you worked hard to get where you are at because of the things that happened around you, so congrats. The car isn't a problem we can afford that at the moment, but the degree is almost done just another month for the undergrad thank goodness. Is it even possible to find a job we truly love?

Originally Posted by vioaltec View Post
I felt the same way when i was 21. You want everything now, the career, the house the American dream. My advice to you is to be patient and do what you can now and also it would be wise if you get rid of the BMW. You'll eventually get there.
When we can't afford the BMW it will definitely go! But it sounds like i'm just wanting what every 21 year old wants. Just have to work for it first...
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