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Originally Posted by frryy View Post
Thanks for the heads up.


But actually now I'm torn.

Do I save about $500 bucks and go for the rep or do I go authentic arkym and get perfect fitment?

Not sure if its worth the extra $500 since its going to be something that will just get scraped. But at the same time, I'm almost certain this won't fit as well the Arkym lip. (in all of their pictures they didn't even install it, so they're probably not as confident in the fitment either..)

What do you guys think?
Honestly man that's how I feel to tell you the truth. I don't like paying retail for Louis Vuitton name brand to get scrapped lol. 500 scrapped is better than what 800 I think it is to get scrap? That's just me. I'd spend 1200 on a Vanguard and 500 on a diffuzor but not 700-800 for a Lip that CAN easily get scrapped. No offensive to all the big ballers with the Arkym Lip, It is sure a fine ass lip but for the price. Sorry yall lols. I'll hit up the photos when mine is installed.
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