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Originally Posted by monza2t View Post
Its funny how people percieve a car that does 0-60 in low 6's as "slow", which BTW is not much slower by just a few tenths than an E36 M3. The average car in 2010 had a 0-60 of 9.5.

This article is funny BTW where the 305hp TL is 0.5sec slower than an N52 328i (of course with 230hp) in 0-60. 75hp "advantage" and its slower.
yeah everything is relative and memories are short. A new v6 honda accord would probably overpower, out-brake and out-handle many of the classic muscle cars and probably give the E90 328i a run, at least in a straight line.

plus, the E90 328i is getting long in the tooth and is somewhat overshadowed by newer performance minded-offerings. Still, it has enough power to be enjoyable and better braking and handling than most cars.