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Originally Posted by DTrain17 View Post
Originally Posted by Alex@AKMotorwerk
We have come across this a few times.... wiring is backwards on the harness. Compare the 2 harnesses and then correct the wiring issue on the affected light. I don't remember the colors off hand since we don't run into this often. Just compare them and you should see what i'm talking about.
Also needs to be coded as well.

Thought about this, but I tried switching the lights from drivers side to passengers and vice versa, and the passengers side still doesn't work. So the passenger light works on the drivers side, and the drivers side light that worked on its side doesn't work on the passengers. Hence, everything works on the drivers side but neither work on the passengers. I would have thought maybe a fuse but the pre-lci light works.
Seems like wiring on the passenger side like i suggested. Did you try both harnesses on both sides as well? DO you have someone near you with an e92 you can test it on their car and see if issue follows light, harness or car.