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Originally Posted by madmanhiker View Post

I've been running NOS octane booster racing formula w/ MMT for a while in my FBO setup (with Meth) and I am on the fence with 2 options:

1. 70/30 mix of 93/E85


2. full tank of 93 with 1 bottle (32 oz) Torco Mach 1 Accelerator = 101 octane

Here's the deal... the NOS MMT will NOT give you more than 94/95 octane rating on a 16 gallon tank... not going to happen... the Torco option is true racing additive and does contain MMT. It's the best option (through my research) vs. VP or e85 mix with 93 to attain 100+ octane levels. The biggest issue the n55 will have is premature detonation and blowing a valve seat. I have read many folks using this on the Corvette and Charger forums...

After speaking to Terry (he knows my configuration) we have agreed to to the 70/30 mix first - log the runs and go from there. If you aren't logging before/after - you are wasting your time and money - butt dyno is crap.

I'm on the hunt for 400 rw and it's in my sights but you have to be modded to the hilt - everything but the turbo swap.

For what it's worth, I have been running the NOS MMT bottle every fill-up for the past year and a half, I pull a random plug from time to time and I'm a little orange in there (from the MMT) but they still look great so be methodical in everything you do - LOG LOG LOG! I rotate between MAP 3 and MAP 7 all the time (the only 2 MAPS I use and to be honest - MAP 3 METH and MAP 7 feel the same to me, but logs show boost higher on MAP 3 15-16 throughout power band and 17.x on peak with 18 as safety limit.

I'm curious to see the results with the Torco product vs. the 70/30 mix.

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