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Originally Posted by michaelthepsycho View Post
By white standards, maybe. By second-generation Asian standards... Not really. This whole concept of working while you're in high-school is so Plebeian. I respect people who work or are productive but don't give me shit cause my parents did okay. And no, this ain't directed at you. I'm talking in general. I could never be like the OP and he's got his shit together but if you had a billion, would you let your kid kill himself over 100 grand a year? Uh... No?

I vehemently loathe these spoiled / not spoiled discussions; I was just using me as an example to compare to the OP and I commend him for his productivity / not being in debt.
fair enough.

i was just curious because you drive a bimmer and allegedly a bike and have probably never worked a decent job in your life.

was wondering how you were doing it.