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Originally Posted by Z3->WRX->335 View Post
LOL...I've been facing this dilemma as well. Girl is 23, turning 24 this weekend. We've been hanging out a lot, I can tell she likes me, and her daughter loves me. So much so that she lays on me while watching TV, always wanting to play, etc. (daughter is 2 almost 3) I actually really like her kid but I'm only 25 so I feel young for a 3 year old daughter.

I feel bad for her daughter the dad is a complete douche and hasn't even been picking her up latley. My biggest concern is I haven't seen her naked yet and I'm wondering how everything's gonna look!
Not gonna date this girl, prob just set up a FTF situation and then in return for the poon, I will entertain the kid.
Main reason Im afraid to get pregnant lol. Im so vein. Good luck man.