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Wavetrac vs Quaife

I'm looking to step up to an LSD, and trying to decide between the Wavetrac and the Quaife. From all the research I've done, I've found that these two behave nearly identical, with the main differences being:

+ Advantage on near-zero axle-load conditions
+ Cheaper
- Higher maintenance (friction plate replacement?)

+ Been around longer
+ Maintenance-free
- More expensive

In one of the threads I searched (link), it mentioned that the friction plates on the Wavetrac may need to be replaced eventually, while the Quaife does not suffer from this. However, this is contradictory from what I've read in the Wavetrac website (link), which is why I put a (?) next to it in the list above. From what I've read on here so far, both seem to have been tested quite a bit by members and I couldn't really find any negatives on either, so my question is: What are the benefits of paying a bit more for the Quaife?

ps. I know this has been asked before (I've done plenty of research on old threads, Mr. 5's thread was particularly useful), but I still want to ask because this is a major purchase and I don't want to regret my decision!