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Marrying someone with kids...

I did it.
I'd never do it again.

My ex was a Washington Redskins Cheerleader and a Swimsuit Calendar cover girl.

We were married eight years.

She ultimately cheated twice, once with a convicted felon - and took a bunch of money from my family and I...all while I was teaching her kid how to play softball, or teaching her kid how to drive a car, or taking her kid on some fantastic vacations, and also carting her kid and her friends all over the place before she got her driver's license. By their own admission, I gave both my ex and her daughter a great ex is pretty emotionally unstable though. A lot of that came from being told how hot she was for all those years. She never got over being the NFL Cheerleader / quasi-celebrity - she needed that attention and when it was over, she struggled with it. I have no kids of my own but I treated her daughter as if she were my own...I put in a lot of time, love, and money only to get kicked in the teeth for all my efforts.

My ex apologizes all the time and even asked me to take her back a few she still currently lives in our $300k custom built home with her unemployed ex-con boyfriend.

No thanks.

It may work for some...but for me personally - no way, never again.

If it doesn't work out, how do you break away totally from a kid that you helped raise? It gets pretty messy after a break's not fun at all.
Not to mention all the drama with her biological father over the years.

Dating or marrying a "hot" chick brings all kinds of complications all by itself so when you add children to that can be really rolling the dice with your future and your finances.

Just my opinion.