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Originally Posted by PSUSMU View Post

Lift is not necessary. Just throw the car on jack stands. Not a very difficult install:
I'm not much for stirring up shit, but I'm going to go ahead flat out disagree. With the right tools, some good info and enough time the average guy can work his way through just about any install. But, having just a bit of experience with this type of install, I would suggest that swapping your N54 turbo's on jack stands while using that thread - or any other that I've seen - as a guide is highly not recommended.

First off, the thread you linked doesn't show all that much detail. There isn't one piece of useful info after the downpipes are off which is less than 30 minutes in. Where's the other 8 hours of instruction? Another nice exclusion is the amount of oil and coolant that seems to drip endlessly during the entire job. I always have a mop at the ready and I generally end up just walk around in the shit after tiring of cleaning it up repeatedly. Laying on your creeper in the driveway is going to be a flat out mess.

Downpipes, intercooler are coilovers are all possible DIY's for most. Installing N54 turbo's is best left to an experienced tech. Be smart and hire one for this.