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Originally Posted by bornadog335i View Post
This helped convince me:

as well as this message:

Hi Michael,

I understand your hesistance - the world of tuning can be a bit daunting.

Let me start with the conclusion to all of this: either way, you can't go wrong and a tuned N54 will put a big smile on your face

Now let's look at a bit more detail...

Power gains- They are within coo-ee of each other, however the JB4 tends to put out slightly more power and the top 5 N54 drag times in the world all use the JB4.
Either way you're looking at approx 225-235kw at the wheels and a nice meaty torque curve.

Features: Procede has can clearing, JB4 does not... A seperate tool is required for that on the JB4.

Meth: JB4 integrates nice and easily with a coolingmist meth kit, or a few other brands and your choice of chargepipe such as Evolution Racewerks (I recommend them). Whereas with Procede you must purchase their meth kit and their chargepipe, these are considerably more expensive.

Other than that we start to split hairs, there are just as many fans for Procede as there are for JB4... JB4 is seen as the slightly more powerful tune, Procede is seen as slightly 'safer'

Curveball: flash tunes are starting to become more popular... you may have heard of Cobb, and we are a reseller for Cobb, but not ready to 'officially' launch it yet as we iron out a few issues with our Aus spec cars.

Hope this helps, at the end of the day, don't stress over it, you'll be happy.
Let me know if I can help you with anything else, BMR can hook you up with all the performance parts for your car.

Feel free to email me:

Thanks for the info Stu! Still a hard decision.