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My 07 Space Grey 335!

Hey guys well I finally got her from auto transport this Sunday!

Damn autotransport took 3 days, longest 3 days of my life!

Wasn't a huge fan of the wheels until I saw them in person and they just won me over instantly. The rears currently have 255s on a 9.5" and looks to be plenty of room to upgrade this next spring Would 275s fit or would they rub?

The front bumper is all scrapped the hell and back, which sucks but it's an excuse to get me an aero lip soon lol

Will be plasti-dipping the trim and grills black this week and hopefully receiving my performance spoiler this week also!

Car will remain mostly stock for a while as I just don't have the green to blow on mods haha She does have DCIs and a JB4 tune tho, so a lil faster than stock

The car is just sooooo quiet it's crazy, so I may be cutting out the resonators or the mufflers to get some sound out of this thing lol