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Awesome shots! This is really helpful, so thanks for taking the time. I'll post pics once I get everything set up. Thanks again.
You are very welcome! I am looking forward to those shots!
I have the same color interior and the same xm receiver. Where did you get the face plate for the xm radio?
I took a picture of the wood grain in the dash and created the face on The skin is an exact match of the wood.

You did not ask, but the mount is from kuda and just slides into the crevice between the radio and the dash. I used some double sided tape to hold it in place a little better (no screws are needed). I also ran the antenna wire so that it is not noticible and put the antenna in the passenger side corner in the back window. Since the window has a black edge, the antenna is nearly invisible. I was worried about reception, but have not lost it at all, with the exception of when I was in the Smoky Mountains.