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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Spoken like a true left wing loon -- you never disappoint... I realize the facts just sting. I love how you play the race card and class warfare all in one paragraph.

Let's distill this down for you simple types.. Only a left wing nut would attempt to disparage a man that gave so much of his time to such admirable commitments. Family money has little to do with the man he chose to become.

As for work experience -- you got to be kidding me right??? Up until the time he was elected to the highest office, Obama NEVER managed anything in his life -- and it shows in his executive leadership. Mitt Romney has more experience in his left pinky than Obama ever had.

Is that all you got??? Are you really going to accuse one party and neglect to mention the other when you speak of advertising manipulation?

And you are right, all that doesn't mean shit! What really matters is that this country is worse off today than it has ever been in recent memory. This country has never been as divided as it is today under the current adminstation. This country is heading down the road to financial ruin thanks in part to the Obama adminstation and people like "you!"

Now you go ahead and spout more of your left-wing nonsense -- nobody is listening.
BS, the more the American people learn about Mittens, the less they like him. Truth stings, doesn't it.