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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Call me names? Check.

Disparage the entire democratic party? Check.

Hypocritically blame partisanship on the other guys? Check.

Make patently bullshit statements about the state of our country? Check.

Falsely claim that I used the race card and class warfare? Check.

Yep, It's all there.

I so wish I could magically transport you back to Jan 2009, and leave you there.
I saw that the drivel posted in the OP has been all over the net the past few weeks. Don't know who the original author was, but it's not the OP. The cons are realizing just how weak their candidate is and are seeing that the more the American people learn about Mittens, the less they like him and the less likely they are to vote for scares them shitless that the socialist muslim will probably get a second term as POTUS due to the derailing of thier own party by the teabaggers.