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Originally Posted by ClassOf2013 View Post
As I said before, I KNOW the officer was lenient and I'm thankfull for that. If it was a State Trooper I'm sure I would've been SOL. If I'd still have to pay court costs, I don't think I'll shoot for the PFJ. The court costs are over 6 times the fine...
you need to hire a traffic lawyer, someone good that can get you on the "differed prosecution"

I got busted for 74 in a 35 when i was 16, and hired a traffic lawyer that got me on the differed prosecution which was 1 year probation i.e. 1 year with no moving violations and no points go on your license

do that, don't just go to court and pay the ticket bc points will go on your license and you will shit your pants when you see your insurs costs