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Originally Posted by SaviorXi View Post
I had the same setup on my 2008 xi coupe. Drop looks good but on NJ roads it felt like shit. Wait until you hit a big pothole and it takes your sour from the sound and feel. I was ok for the first 6 months but after the newness wore off I was left with an uncomfortable ride that wife, family, and friends complained about whenever they were passengers. I hope your roads are better and it works out for you. I ordered some eibachs to see if they feel better and have not installed them yet.
I can definitely understand your point - the suspension is a very subjective aspect in a car. It is also a compromise.
What is also important to come to terms with (my opinion, take it as it is) is that, in this price bracket, you can't really have a cake and eat it too...

As I said, I appreciate the benefits and I can learn to live with the downsides - I am at peace with that. Sure, there are better solutions out there, both in terms of performance and comfort, but for my particular budget, usage pattern and preferences, this worked out best. And I am happy to confirm that (new toys excitement aside - haha, I am old enough not to be that blinded by this ) the post install experience kind of matches the theoretical expectations.