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On Sept. 17, Gov. Romney vetoed the back pay owed to faculty and professional staff at Berkshire Community College and the other 14 community colleges across the state. His line-item veto sent a message that collective bargaining, good faith, and signed contracts do not matter in Massachusetts.
In 2001 the state of MA under Governor Paul Cellucci agreed to a collective bargaining contract with the Academic Professional Association (APA) of MA, which consisted of all non-faculty and non-civil service employees of the state college system. I was a member. The contract was ratified by the APA and was to be signed by the Governor that summer in order to take effect in August. Then Cellucci was appointed Ambassador to Canada and left his Lt. Governor, Jane Swift, to run the state. She was too busy wasting taxpayer dollars rearranging the state house to handle her child rearing needs to get around to signing the contract. Then came 9/11. She used the economic downturn after that event to suspend the funding for the contract. The APA was willing to wait considering the extent of the downturn. But years later the funding was still not approved by Swift. Then Romney got elected. In 2004 the MA legislature finally approved the long-delayed funding for the APA contract. Then Romney veto'd it claiming that because it wasn't signed during his tenure that he was under no obligation to honor it.

Right then I knew I'd never vote for him for any office. He has no sense of honor at all. He fails to understand that the contract was not between the APA and himself; it was between the APA and the state. It was a legitimate contract negotiated in good faith.

Remember that the Obamacare law that the GOP hates so much and that Romney criticizes so often is really Romneycare ramped up to national levels. Romney can't even make up his mind about whether the penalties are indeed penalties or taxes. He was pro-choice, then he wasn't. He was for gay rights, then he wasn't. He will tell the voters whatever they wish to hear because he has no honor and knows he won't have to make good on any promises (although that can be said for *any* politician, including Obama).

I'm no fan of either candidate, but the article posted at the top of this thread is pure spin and does not indicate honor or self-sacrifice. Romney does what's good for Romney. He wouldn't know a selfless act if he witnessed one firsthand.

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