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Need to lower my car. Coilovers? Springs? Recommendations?

So... I finally decided after much debating with you forum members to lower my car.

Here's my situation: I don't want to go TOO low. I want to reduce wheel gap, WITHOUT compromising handling.

The reason i've been so skeptical about lowering my car is because I have a mazda rx8 DD thats lowered on 19" rims and while it looks nice, I scrape everytime I go over bumps. I do not want this with my bmw.

Also, I want to be able to take a full car load of people without scraping over every bump, and turn.

I'm leaning more torwards springs as opposed to coilovers simply because they are cheaper and I don't feel I really need coilovers. (if you disagree convince me otherwise.)

I definitely want to lower the front more than the back. And I don't want to lower the back too much, as it sits low already.

Please post up pictures of your lowered 335i along with specs and advice. Thanks!

Here is my cars ride height-
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