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Ticket Advice

Okay, I have my flame suit ready. I'm just asking for advice here.
Here's how it goes
I'm 17, at the time was driving 1996 Toyota Avalon.
Pulled over by CHP (I know, it's over when the CHP gets you)
Anyone who knows San Diego, I was on route 125 South near Grossmont.
I wasn't in a rush, wasn't intended to be speeding. I was driving a car other than my own, and I didn't realize I was speeding.
He said he clocked me at 81 in a 65. I didn't think I was going that fast, and I was in the number 2 lane.

Just a question, I know I have to wait for the notice in the mail, or check online when it's up, but
What are my chances of getting into traffic school? Will they offer it to me?

When he pulled me over, I was so lost as to what to do when he had me sign the ticket. I was confused at the process, and that I had to go to court!?
I thought It was just a fine.
Can anyone chime in and inform me please as to the process?

Also, if I go to court, and plead not guilty,
What are the chances the officer will show?
If he brings proof from the radar, is there any consequence against me for challenging it? I don't believe I was going 81. Yes, I was a little over the speed limit, but is there a consequence if he proves me wrong?
Thanks guys.