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I had to take mine in for service the day after the window tint was installed. So in addition to telling the SA to not roll the windows down, I put painters tape over the switches and wrote "fresh tint--do not roll down" on the tape. Sure enough the porter gets in the car, rolls forward a few feet stops, bolts out of the car and yells at the SA "what's up with the tape on the window switches?" The SA says "if you read it, you'd know it has fresh window tint and DO NOT open the windows". The kid just stands there and goes "Oh..OK" gets back in and drives off. Got the car back an hour later, no issues. Yeah they do this every day, but everyone has habit patterns, and communication seems to be sadly lacking at a busy service department, so I took a little extra initative. The SA actually thanked me for saving both of us from a hassle.