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Originally Posted by BMWPower06 View Post
Obvious bias towards the Mercedes was evident throughout the entire "review". Wasn't surprised at the end when he said he bought the 190E.

The E30 M3 was/is obviously the better car, there is a reason that to this day everyone and their mother remembers/desires the E30 M3 and not the 190E
It sounds like he said it will be in his driveway "next to his E30" so it doesn't seem like he's too biased towards one over the other, and he said the Benz's shifter feels awful while the E30's was "from the Gods."

I used to have a BMW 4 banger ( was a 318is so it wasn't really in the same league ) but I can definitely see what he means about the Bimmer's engine being rough and annoying to live with. I loved driving my E36 through the twisties exactly as much as I hated driving it in daily conditions, that's probably why I spent almost 100% of my time in that car at full throttle.

One more thing, you say everyone and their mother desires the E30 M3 but that may be because you spend a lot of time on BMW forums and stuff, I know a lot of Benz guys who are just as deeply in love with their 190E. I actually used to have a sort-of similar car to that, to: a 300E 2.6 in that same color combo, the powertrain in mine was gas mileage oriented (kind of like a 528e) but those old 190E and 300Es were excellent cars. If some dumb bitch hadn't ruined mine I would probably still have it to this day (at over 250,000 miles!).