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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Maybe lay-off the emoticons and look at what you're typing. And you don't seem to be getting the point; nobody gives two shits about your deluded take on personal experiences - let it go.

Obama's been president for 3.5 years, and he has a fairly consistent political stand, whereas Romney's a walking contradiction. Obviously, conservatives don't like Obama's political stand, which is their right. So why can't you just say you're voting for the other guy because you're a conservative, and leave it at that?
I want you to look at what I am typing -- look very closely... You are a sad little man, a man that sounds more foolish each time you open your mouth.

While your diarrhea of the mouth is amusing at times and your conviction in what you believe might be admirable to some, I blame you and everyone else like you for the current state of this country. I wish I could put you all on a boat and ship you off to France or Greece where you belong.

And since we are asking questions of one another, why do you have to spew your nonsense in every post that does not praise your savior or agree with your political view point? You are such a goddamn hypocrite just like the rest of your left lemming friends.