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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Gee, you quoted his book from several years ago, where he was speaking about his childhood. Wow, this is breaking news! Get a life. You guys elected George W cokehead TWICE, who also created the debt we're in. Is there an IQ test to get a BMW?

See there you go again, showing off how little you know and re-writing history to fit your contorted perspective... Obama has added more to the debt in his 3.5 yrs than Bush did during two terms. Let me break this down for you a little more not that it will stop your big mouth from running throwing out bullshit...

During Bush's two terms the debt rose by $4.899 trillion. Since Obummer took office, in just 3.5 yrs the debt increased $4.939 trillion! According to the Bureau of Public Debt at the Treasury Department the National Debt now stands at $15.566 trillion. It was $10.626 trillion on President Bush's last day in office, which coincided with President Obama's first day.

Oh and let's not forget that while Bush was in office the Democrats were in control of Congress since 2007.

Your boy Obummer was a voting member of Congress at the time. Obummer voted for most of the policies that were put in place and are still in place today. And how could we neglect your buddies Barney Frank and Chris Dodd., the two architects of the housing bublble.

That's right, keep defending your socialist leaning coke-head and chief! Keep it up, you continue to not disappoint buddy!