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Originally Posted by jkrig View Post
Lets at least be honets about Mitts charitable guys can fiddle back and forth about you opinions on either candidate....over 4 million to the Mormon church......while I don't question his faith..nor am I saying that the LDS doesnt do good things in their respective communities but, have you seen the architechural monuments the Mormon church builds.....amazing.
You know, I am having hard time believing into these "charitable contributions" every (regardless of party affiliation) millionaire is so quick to give, since they give them pretty substantial tax breaks. I would like to see how many people would still be so charitable if they got nothing in return.

Oh yeah, and lets not forget that Mormon "tithing" (A tithe ( /ˈtaɪš/; from Old English: teogoža "tenth") is a one-tenth part of something) expects you to give the church at least 10% of your income, which is where most of Romney's "charity" goes into. 2 birds with one stone - please the church and get a tax break. And considering Romney's wealth, these 4 million are a drop in a bucket for him.

And yes, I have seen the "architechural monuments" you are speaking of. They are nothing but an eye sore to me, but hey, if you think that its acceptable that churches are completely tax exempt, while racking in the donations cash and building all these lavish structures, maybe you would support taxing them, instead of the "job creators"?