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I had it installed 3 weeks ago. I am VERY happy with it.

I had to change the downpipe in order to run Stage 2 (Evotech flash) but I did not want to go catless. I don't mind 10whp less , I just did not want to deal with smell and also did not want a very loud exhaust.

Catted downpipe was the only way to go for me and I am very happy I went with AR Design. I got what I expected.

I was planning to get the bmw performance exhaust but at the moment I am so happy with the current set up that I will keep it as is. I love the exhaust note at every RPM , half throttle or WOT - just the right tone I would love to hear. Cold start in the garage is simply amazing. It is actually very loud (for me) for the first 20 - 25 seconds but sounds great ! Golf Tee mod done by the way.

Regarding the smell, I did not notice any even sitting at traffic lights with the windows down. If I let the car idle for some time in the garage , enjoying the cold start :-) , then there is a bit of smell but still not much.

Even with the flash, there was still some turbo lag and the downpipe took care of it. Spool is MUCH quicker.

I was not there during the install, so I don't know how it went but the guys would have let me know if they had any trouble with the fitment. I believe it went very smooth

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