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Looks like this car is giving me shit right now. As some of you might remember, I asked about a warm driver's door handle some time back, and if it should be cause for concern.
I saw the dealer, and a shrug, jack, and shit came of it.
Now, CA will not work on that side...AND just last night, got a cute lil orange battery light (admittedly while I was running my park lights and radio in accessory mode for 10 minutes, would this be normal?)
So back to the dealer we goooo!
I would have thought it'd take HOURS for that battery light to come on. I mean, it wasn't red (which I understand IS a cause for concern in the OM.)
My biggest concern (although I don't see it causing an issue) is my entire interior and trunk light set was converted to LED.
Does anyone think this could even REMOTELY cause issues such as described? I mean the damn LEDs draw LESS wattage and power than their OEM counterparts, no?
I doubt personally they'd cause just a driver side door to short / wig out...