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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Do you understand percentages? It doubled under Bush, It's up less than 50% under Obama, Einstein. But the main point is the cause of the debt - 2 wars and 2 unfunded tax cuts, all Bush. And TARP, which was Bush. And the shortfall caused by the massive recession we just went through. Obama's stimulus constitutes a fraction of the debt, and most of It's been paid back. You need to find stupider people to debate with.
You never cease to amaze!

You can slice and dice it anyway you want you mathmatically challenged twit. Let me say this again because it is clear that you and your dunderhead uneducated left wing buddies are to stupid to comprehend it.

Under the Bush presidency the debt rose by $4.8 trillion -- IN 2 terms (that's 8 yrs for those of you don't know what that means) OBAMA spent $4.9 trillion in just 3.5 yrs!

Again here is how stupid you are... You continue to throw your own peeps under the bus each time you open your mouth. TARP could not be signed by the president unless the Democrats in congress approved it.

Speaking of debt and who is responsible for running it up see if you can wrap your pee brain around these figures...

2003 - 2007 Republicans controlled congress for 48 months and the debt at the start was $6,382,650,489,675 and at the end of the term was $8,677,214,255,313 Debt increased by $2,294,563,765,638 at an avg daily accumulation $47,803,411,784

2007 - 2009 Democrat controlled for 24 months and the debt at the start was $8,677,214,255,313 and at the end of their run the debt increased to $10,627,961,295,931 Debt increased by $1,950,747,040,618 at an average daily accumulation $81,281,126,692

2009 - 2011 Democrat's controlled congress for 24 months and the debt at the start of their term was $10,627,961,295,931 and at the end of their term it increased to $14,014,049,043,294 the debt increased by $3,386,087,747,363 at and avg daily accumulation $141,086,989,473.

Now see if you can muster the brain power to add up how much the debt increased during the months the DEMOCRATS CONTROLLED congress.

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