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Originally Posted by JamesM3M5 View Post
Holy crap this is a chore!

The rear wastegate rod was a breeze compared to this:

First I removed the intercooler and water pump and thermostat. I needed a coolant flush and the IC was full of bugs and sand. The WGA rod is buried bewteen the turbo and the block, and there is no way to get a wrench or crowsfoot in there to loosen the jam nut or turn the rod.

So I unbolted the WGA from the compressor housing. There are 2xM8 bolts with 12mm heads that hold a bracket. Once that's loose, you can maneuver the WGA rod into a position to get a 10mm open end wrench on the jam nut to loosen it up. Before going any further, I put my handy Mityvac vacuum pump with gauge onto the hose and checked the WG position at 200mbar vacuum (approx 5.9inHg). Manually pulling the WGA away from the compressor housing, I could see the WGA rod was too long by about 4-5 mm! No wonder my WGs rattled like a bitch!!

So how do you turn the WGA rod? It's pretty stiff in the WGA even after loosening the jam nut. I removed the 3xM6 10mm nuts that hold the WGA to the bracket (the one that has 2xM8 bolts that hold it to the compressor). Then I took the vacuum hose off and spun the whole WGA dashpot around about 5 turns. I put all the 3 nuts and 2 bolts back together and popped the vacuum hose back on. Rechecked with the Mityvac, and I can get the WG to be completely shut (rod doesn't move, has no play and a tiny bit of preload on it) at 200mbar vacuum. Whew!

Got it together late last night then beat on it to make sure I didn't do something stupid. Good news: NO RATTLE. I'm so happy Took me every bit of 5 hours start to finish.
Sorry for stupid question but what was the issue and what led you to adjustment.
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