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Originally Posted by RMG View Post
I would like to start a thread about how bad the BMW Service in MA. I couldn’t find a single decent one . Here is what I went through so far:
“BMW Wagner Certified Repair Center” or rather “certified incompetents” here is the original thread : Again, Certified Incompetent Hacks. DO NOT GO THERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
“HERB CHAMBERS of Boston”: I haven’t been there in years. My first visit left a huge scratch on my brand new 2006 330i sedan / on the front wheel . The visit was scheduled for an oil change after the first ~3000 miles (paid from my own pocket). Other than the scratch the engine area seemed untouched and I had the feeling they didn’t drain the old oil. To clear my suspicions, I bought new oil and filter and the next morning I went to a small repair shop I know the owner. They drained the oil in front of me, it was black like hell. The engine was immediately smoother after the real oil change that followed.
“ BMW of PEABODY”. I went there following the recommendations from this site. It is also close to work. Didn’t buy the car there and they made it clear each time I will not get a loaner. I didn’t really need one either. For each issue you have to pay them 2 -3 visits because you need to raise a complaint with the main mechanic to have something properly fixed.
My last visit was a total disaster. This time I had to leave the car with them for a couple of days for the HPFP recall. I got it back with ~27 miles more. In the days the car was in their possession rained a lot. It seems they drove my car (God knows where) with the moon roof open. I cannot describe the shit that was inside …they left black marks, sand and stains on the beige floor covering everywhere in the front as well as in the back ( I am not talking about the mats you can replace or clean). This is a 335 coupe and managed to brush their dirty wet feet from everything in the relative small space. I cannot describe how dirty the beige leather was. I spent ~3 hours to clean it up. I noticed immediately the leather had a big scratch on the back seat, seat never used. I still couldn’t get rid of stains.
About the work: after 4 days the car was with them they start working on the car after I show up. It was pathetic. The repairs were not satisfactory and I had to come back a week later. This time I choose to stay and wait. It took them 5 hours to do the repair . After ~ 4 hours I went to check through the window …the car was nowhere to be found….40 min go by...nothing…then I go to the rep he replies “ I will go and get the car for you…” he came 10 min later from somewhere from the back parking lot. The gas tank fuel door was left open…The car had new stains and marks inside and a big dent on the side skirt. I showed them the damage and they replied “ It was already there”. Worse, the car doesn’t feel right since then, somehow sluggish.
If you go there make sure you inspect the car with the rep before signing anything.Let them know you noted the mileage and bring your own covers for seats and everything else.
Damn man that sucks. I bought my first BMW couple months ago and the service time is coming up. This scares the hell out of me. I wonder if there are any better ones in NH or Main maybe. I don't mind driving up there if it's going to get it done right.

Anyone else has suggestions?