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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
AFAIK, this is an ad geared towards mass-market customers. And I still maintain it's a poor representation of 7-series customers. I know about 4 people who drive 7-series, and they are not the type of person that is represented in the commercial.

I don't know what it's like in the Alpha Quadrant, but here in Texas, I've never seen a 7 series being chauffeured. And I see a dozen 7ers every day on the road. Not saying it doesn't happen, rather it is a poor way to communicate the benefits of the brand/model, when marketing to a wide audience.

Two issues:

1) Marketing a 7-series is to market to a Target audience, not a wide one.

2) Just because you don't roll in circles of people who get driven around, doesn't mean it doesn't exist in a big way outside your radar.

It's interesting how sometimes people's feathers are ruffled when a lifestyle marketing campaign presents a lifestyle more affluent than their own. The reaction is often to either aspire to it, or to reject it as pompous.

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