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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
Two issues:

1) Marketing a 7-series is to market to a Target audience, not a wide one.
Exactly my point. This ad is (incorrectly, IMO) targeting a niche of the 7-series buyers with a mass market audience. And it's doing it poorly.

Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
2) Just because you don't roll in circles of people who get driven around, doesn't mean it doesn't exist in a big way outside your radar.

It's interesting how sometimes people's feathers are ruffled when a lifestyle marketing campaign presents a lifestyle more affluent than their own. The reaction is often to either aspire to it, or to reject it as pompous.

LOL. Yes, my feathers are ruffled because I don't get driven around in a 7er. Even though you quoted my post, I think you missed my point, completely.