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Originally Posted by GTRG2 View Post

First of all - allow me to introduce myself my name is Gary. I have met some of you before through my good buddy Shaz and those of you who I haven't met ... well Hello to you guys.

I know exactly who you guys are talking about and I couldn't agree more with you guys. I met this douchebag a little while ago. He wanted to wrap my 2012 GTR Black Edition for me. When I seen his work (on his bmw) I was not only disgusted I felt like he should be shot or atleast have his hands cut off for performing such garbage work. Then I met him a few months later after I got my GTR wrapped. Some how he heard I wrapped my car and started to claim that he wrapped it - however I just let it go. A few weeks back I seen his dumbass again and he had the balls to lean on my vehicle and put all his weight on my spoiler as if he owned my car. Thats where I wanted to break his nose however because he is a friend of my friends I just ended up yelling at him a bit. This guy is a class A clown - he lies so much that if shit could fly his mouth would be an Airport. On top of his bullshit stories and lies(which make me want to kill myself for even listening) he doesn't realize that there is only so much you can bullshit people until they catch on. Well anyhow I was told about this thread and I had to make an account and shed some of my personal experience with "karkid"

BTW - for those who say orange wrap looks ugly you might want to look at my car - and I can guarantee you guys half of you will JIZZ in your pants. Then again my wrap was professionally done by my good friend Andre at re-styleit. Im sure if his wrap was done right his car wouldn't look as bad but that wouldn't change the fact that the owner is still a lying douchebag who needs to grow up.


Andre at re-styleit has wrapped my friend's M3 as well. His work is nicely done. Post some pics! I do wanna see that beast of yours.