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Originally Posted by vxb View Post
On 6/23/12 I bought 2011 BMW 328 e90 from a BMW dealership in Baltimore. The car had only 90 miles on it and I assumed it was brand new.

Today I learned that the car's in-service date was 8/31/2011 and therefore I have only 3 years and 2 months left on my warranty and free maintenance.

Had this fact been disclosed to me at the time of purchase I might not have bought the car.

I talked to the sales manager and he assured me that the dealership will honor the actual date of purchase as far as warranty/maintenance services are concerned.

Should I trust the dealer since I don't have any official paper confirming that. Moreover even if they honor the warranty at their dealership, what would happen if the car breaks down outside Baltimore?

Can i expect BMW USA to help me in any way to rectify the problem?

Dealerships are the most crooked individuals out there.

The Manager might not be working there 3 years from now

The dealership might close (Happening A Lot)

Get it in writing and make sure they put that info on your Car Vin so if you go somewhere else they can pull it up on a computer and see.

If they cant don't this and give you a hard time. Contact BMW Financial Services or the Appropriate Department and they will help you