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Originally Posted by Eugeinus View Post
Nice find, looks good! Although, the dealership only offering $250 when your deductible is $500 sounds unreasonable. I know everything worked in the end but if they are at fault for the cracked windshield, they should be paying 100% of it, plus extra since it costs you the time/headache of calling around

Bumper looks good btw, what's the word on filling in those PDC sensors?
The service manager at the dealership whom I spoke with originally was terrible. His attitude was basically "yeah we broke your windshield, so what?" Larry was at least ready to come to a resolution.

I agree that they should have covered the entire deductible. But since my out of pocket cost in the end wasn't that much, I didn't want to bother with it. If the windshield cost had been closer to $500 I would have fought the dealership and torn them a new one. Plus with the $100 credit I can pick up oil.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the PDC holes yet. I saw some guy use these circular plastic tabs to fill his license plate holes. So maybe if I find some of those I'll stick them there.

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