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Originally Posted by S3RI35 View Post
I hear ya... may I suggest you keep the TSX for now and in a few years, get yourself a decent 335. If you step up to the 325, you'll definitely be wanting a lot more - especially if you end up spending time on this forum. The 328 is decent if you get it with the sport package. Sport is the foundation to everything else in the BMW world.
Gotcha, sounds like good advice. Just dying to get in the BMW world. My friend gets pissed off that I offer to drive his car everywhere, haha. The problem is the TSX lease is ending in a few months, so I have to find a replacement car <$18k with reasonable MPG and insurance OR lease another TSX or VW CC.. Sadly, the Audi lease numbers are really inflated and I hate the F30 + mo. payments are too high.

Like they say once you own a BMW, you'll never switch... but once you drive a BMW, you never want to get in another car again Also, you're right about the sports package... I feel like BMWs look naked without it!