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The ONLY reason that price is too high is because it's got an accident on it, IMO. I spent about 3 months looking for an 06' 330 and at least from my experience, searching country-wide, you're not going to find one that's actually in great condition, with lower mileage (under 60k miles), for less than probably $18,000 (and even that's going to be pushing it). I don't know what all the posters above me are talking about...even private sale there were none to be had at those ridiculously low prices (14 or 15k) unless you wanted one with no sport/premium package and over 80k miles.

I ended up flying to Illinois to get mine last month. Fully loaded, great condition both in and out, 53k miles, for $19.5. This price was comparable or lower to most of the other 330's I had looked at which weren't in anywhere near as good condition.