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Originally Posted by gatoman39 View Post
Not purchase order Einstein, CONTRACT. It's a legally binding piece of paper that fully discloses all the financial information of the transaction. It has to say new or used on it. Do yourself a favor and don't get a mail order bride.
you ok man... ?

Some of the "NOW" 50+ sheets of paper provided by the dealer does indicate "purchase order". It's easy to get confused now a days. Please give the guy a break.

My concern is how is the "no check box" handled ... I guess do the following.

Identify exactly how much warranty & Maintenance you will loose. Calculate the $ amount.

Contact the dealer and explain you would like the warranty revised with BMW to reflect the CORRECT information, Otherwise the $$$ is as follows. Then you may want to follow up with a lawyer... pay a couple hundred and have one send a letter to the GM... might be enough to resolve it.

good luck

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