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Originally Posted by cc_bavarian View Post
My friend and I are facing the same problem. All three warning lights on for us, but his stays on permanently while mine comes and goes. He has both error codes 5df0 & 5df1, I haven't had mine checked yet. He's driving 07 E93 335, mine is 07 E90 330. So like other's here, we're 2007 e9xes.

I've noticed there are two part numbers with two different prices; Repair kit, control unit DSC (US$850) and Hydro unit DSC (US$1446). Given the error codes he has, which part would he need to buy?

5df0 - pump unit faulty = Repair Kit, control unit DSC?
5df0 & 5df1 - pump unit plug faulty = Hydro unit DSC?

Please advise!

I hope BMW recognizes this and does a recall fast!
typical problem for 07 335i DSC unit which is acknowledged by bmw dealer...seems the pump is dead thus you need the whole unit i.e. Hydro unit DSC the more expensive one...