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have bobbing or shaking headlights ? look here

well i am sure I am not the only person who has the ahl bixenon's who either aim low or shake/jump around while driving

seeings how I did not want to spend 1000 each on both of my headlights i bought a headlight cheap from another member to replace and guess what? its broken in the same place as mine was, seeings he was a good guy he refunded me most of my money and i had $50 into a spare light that i could take apart to see exactly why they are failing

the most common failures that everyone will see is the leveling motors have popped out of the socket inside the actual light (you can find numerous write ups about this)
this is that piece and what it looks like outside of the headlight, i dont feel the problem lies here, with the parts out it is virtually impossible to pull straight out on the motor and have the ball pop out of the socket, although it does slide down/up and out very easily

(on the right)

Untitled by saxonbrian2, on Flickr

on the left side of the picture is the part that really worries me, that is the adjustor for the up/down that can be manually adjusted from the outside of the headlight, here is another pic that shows how it goes (it has threads and moves in and out of the gray piece its next to)

Untitled by saxonbrian2, on Flickr

this is the part that i feel is the major problem

Untitled by saxonbrian2, on Flickr

it impossible to fix this part without the headlight being taken apart, and this part is broken on all 3 of the e90 headlights that i have

not only that but look at the adjustor that aims side to side

Untitled by saxonbrian2, on Flickr

it is worn and again, on all 3 headlights this part was popped out of place (but is easily slid back in)

Now if these white pieces were easily accessible one would think we could all fix our headlights very easily, but they cant be bought (to my knowledge) and even if they could these headlights had to have been the hardest I have ever taken apart and basically had to heat to the point that the cover melted

I am sure more and more people will see this happen and eventually everyone will be out of warranty with headlights that point to the ground and bounce around!!!

has anyone else taken apart one of the lights and any pointers for getting them apart?

some more pictures

Untitled by saxonbrian2, on Flickr

Untitled by saxonbrian2, on Flickr

btw have the internals and motors for sale if anyone wants them