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Originally Posted by Addicted2Boost View Post
looking good!
thanks man

Originally Posted by styles50 View Post
car looks sick. this hood is on my wish list but herd bad stories about DD services so i been holding off on it. how come you didnt get it with the cf vents? what vendor did you buy the hood from?
I accepted the hood duke gave me a sponsorship with hahaha. even if i did get the carbon fiber vents, i still would have painted the whole hood white. bought it directly through duke dynamics. you can get if from them, ltbmw or bimmerkit.

Originally Posted by SaMaster14 View Post
Very nice! Love your 1M bumper. And the hood looks great!

Btw, what color is your car? Alpine white, or is it matte white? (wrap)?
Thanks man. it is alpine white. gonna go with a satin white or a crazy color at the end of the year though.

Originally Posted by PlannBee View Post
If I ever go to SoCal I definitely wanna see this car in person.

COTM? After a proper shoot that is.
hahaha forsure. ltbmw is where all the crazy cars are. my car, darrens (creaminz) my cousins (amans_e90) project erica mrj25 and a bunch of other dope stuff. im hoping to get COTM one day. hopefully i get more love once i get my lip and possibly new HRES hahaha

Originally Posted by mthoops33 View Post
cleannnn, i like the white vents instead of the typical black.
i agree. there was an alpine white pre-lci hood with carbon fiber vents there and i just didnt think it flowed well.

Originally Posted by MARIO K View Post
Amazing!! I say paint the vents black!
you gotta see carbon fiber vents bro. i dont think it flows that well hahaha. i have a picture of it on my phone.

Originally Posted by RicheyBMW View Post
Nice hood and that front bumper is sweet!

Originally Posted by bmwaddict View Post
one of my fav e92
thanks man

Originally Posted by itachi_d View Post
That bumper looks TOPS!!!
thanks bro

Originally Posted by Crazylegs View Post
The jealousy in the pit of my wallet...
hahaha. its all worth it in the end man.

Originally Posted by Lawrence@bavarianx View Post
Just when I thought you were done modding the car... BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Haha looks great! I can't wait to see it in person!
hahaha comon lawrence the modding never stops. got a new plan for wheels instead of the volks now too hahaha.

Originally Posted by JaysBlueE92 View Post
is it me or is the hood fitment really off?? Last pic on passenger side above headlight ??
the hood fitment isnt off. headlight is off. the are adjusting it next time i go. once that is adjusted the bumper can be lifted to fit the normal height and itll have perfect fitment throughout. i didnt have time to do that yesterday though.

Originally Posted by mrj25 View Post
looks good pj! the vents in white was a good choice as it looks clean.
thanks joe and agreed. white vents is a lotttt cleaner.

Originally Posted by jg7879 View Post
yet another amazing hood done right by LTBMW
good to see you last tuesday at the shop brotha!!
good choice on the hood
car looking as sexy as always
hahahaha thanks bro. it was great seeing you too. sucks that your e90 is always stuck at ltbmw though hahaha. i was gonna go with your hood design but couldnt leave my oem hood with long for that long. still think it came out sick

Originally Posted by Z3->WRX->335 View Post
I was thinking about trying this hood/bumper combination...couldn't quite picture it though. It looks great! More pics please!
i say do it hahaha. pricey but well worth it. weather is shit outside. raining yesterday and cloudy and gloomy today. should clear up by tomorrow so i'll get my car washed and take some pictures with my cousin amans_e90 if his car is clean too hahaha.

Originally Posted by 1SH View Post
Your car is the sex! Cant wait to see proper pics!
very soon

lip whenever the custom carbon fiber place is done and i'll have a legit photoshoot done probably by 1013mm cuz hes a bosssss