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Originally Posted by andyinjersey View Post
Hi everybody,

Before you go crazy, I know there are a million of these threads but they are outdated, and I have a couple questions that are unanswered. I go back to forum threads in '07, '08, '09 about people asking the same questions about the 330i and it's crazy how much used car values went up recently. In '08 some guy bought a 330i with 40k miles for like $18k. Now I can't find a damn 330i for under $16k.

Anyway, I'm looking at a used 2006 330i with one accident RWD black/black with sports, premium, and navi. Basically fully loaded with 55,800 miles in Westchester County, NY for $19.5k. Did used car prices really inflate like this or am I getting ripped off?

I have a full-time internship for the summer and go away to school the rest of the year, so working on the car is almost impossible. Should I just pass this car or try to buy? My only other option is buying an '08 TL or leasing a car with monthly payments AKA only being able to lease a VW

Driving school car= BMW X3 (I know don't ask me how...)
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I never really paid attention to the performance of german cars, but after I drove a lot of my friends and people at work, I realized how subpar japanese cars are. My friends '04 BMW 330Ci feels tighter and drives better than my 2010.... Thank you
I have found countless 2007 E90 and E92 335i for about the same amount. These were all found at CarMax, BMW, MBZ and Lexus dealers, so it's the premium price for them. $19k for a year older car with no turbo is a lot. the 06 330 can be had for about $14k or less
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