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Originally Posted by gatoman39 View Post
I think you need to ask yourself, "should I trust myself?".
When you sign a contract to purchase a car, on top of that contract there is a box that says, condition of car "new" or "used".
You assumed a 2011 you bot in 2012 was new? Clearly you didn't even ask. Who goes into the second or possibly the largest financial transaction in one's life just assuming things? Sorry but you have no one to blame but yourself.
Although the buyer didn't do his due diligence, I'm sure the dealership has to disclose the warranty information.

I would check your contract and see if there is anything on there that mentions the warranty issue and or new/used status of your car.

It sounds like they sold it as a new car and didn't disclose any information on the status of the warranty in which case they will have to honor the warranty from purchase date.
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