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Here is an excerpt from my post on a different forum. It relates to the roof, windows and mirrors and hopefully will clear up some questions.

In the CVM module...
wert_01 Roof does not open with Key Fob
wert_02 Windows lower partially and roof opens with Key Fob
The translation is Comfort Operation E88 C05

So, it works!!! Like magic, my roof did its thing.

Yet another update: Today I have comfort windows up and mirrors folded with the key fob!! Thankyou to neo_anderson for finding this!


One press on lock now locks the doors. Press and hold folds the mirrors and rolls up the windows.

Next update:
My problem with the key fob roof open was that windows would go down partially and the roof folds up. Not bad but not exactly what I wanted (I want the windows to roll down all the way... and yes, thanks to NCSDUMMY, I found the code for that in CVM)

SCHEIBEN_FUNK_E88_C05   - Function of windows during remote roof operation       
    wert_01                     value 01  - windows roll down slightly to allow roof to retract
    wert_02                     value 02  - windows roll down fully and then roof retracts

SCHEIBEN_TASTER_E88_C05 - Function of windows during roof operation with console buttons     
    wert_01                     value 01 - roof closes windows remain lowered
    wert_02                     value 02 - roof closes.  Continue to hold down the console button and the windows roll up
With current software in the convertibles, I still have not found a way to raise the top without comfort access. I suspect there is a secret entry in the CVM/CTM modules that controls this. So if you want the top to open and close, don't update modules in the car. My car was already at sp daten 45, having been in built late summer of 2010. So no amount of tweaking has changed that. The one person I know with an E93 had this working till he went to the dealership for some work. They updated his car and all coding was lost. When he recoded everything, his top no longer closes by the remote, just the dash board button or using the key in the door.