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Originally Posted by Vegetables View Post
Why is the 330 a better car than the 328? Becasue it has more features? Like what? Just curious because I've driven both cars and while the 2006 330 seemed slightly quicker I guess than the 2007 328, the two cars were largely similar in the acceleration department. I imagine an AA tune on the 328 would make the differences in power even more negligible?
The 330i has a more powerful motor.. intake and throttle updates. 190 kW and 258 bhp (if I remember right) and 228 bhp in the 328i.. I believe the newer 328i models have a quicker transmission so it will shift faster giving it as slighter more peppy feel.

I thought back as I wrote.. Features really change over the years, and since the 06 is 6 years old - I'm not exactly sure what's happened every year.

The only 328i cars I've driven were 2009+ so I could have been wrong anyway. I know a couple things changed then. Should include the climate controlled cup holder between the seats that I actually use. Had a standard moonroof. Some cig lighters have been deleted (for my electronics ). Folding door over the ash tray under center console has been deleted. The little things like this make the car what it is to me.

I'm pretty sure 330i always came with xenons but the 328i usually didn't?

The 330i came with upgraded brakes but newer 328i may have them too.

There's probably a list somewhere of what has been lost since the e90 was first introduced. No doubt gained a lot too - but at a cost!