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Always interesting to "stumble" upon threads like this. (so thanks for the "point" out! You know who you are )

Anyhow. To answer the OP's question, in my all depends on where you are in life (age/maturity is a factor), who you have met, and the relationship you have cultivated with them.

Plain and simple: It's not because X factor was a whore, Y factor was a womanizer, or because A and B have baby's truly about where your heart is at that time in your life. Sure, drama makes anyone run for the hills, but if everyone did that, history itself would have been made up of losers.

At some point in our lives, we all want to settle. Be it alone or with someone. And when that day comes, if the candidate in question holds the key requirements and happens to be a parent-then so be it. Don't feel as if you cannot chance it. Take a risk.

It's so easy to think you know what you will do when you've only been on one side of an equation. Because it'll be a rude awakening if ever you find yourself on the other side of it.

A deal breaker should come down to what's at the very core. Only then can you see, be humble about it, and be appreciative that there's such a thing as second chances to those that truly deserve it.

Because the rhetoric I've just read through almost demands "death to those with a kid", and it'll be an interesting and very cold day should any of you with this mentality find yourself on that other side.

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