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Originally Posted by keith27ro View Post
Yeah , Ray was cool, he saw your name on the print out, he said that you are he's friend and he was the only guy in Sacramento that was willing to try to do the coding, I called lots of independent shops nobody knew how to do it
2 BMW dealers said that it is impossible to do the coding and the retrofit won't work anyway and that will only work with a TCU+mic+Bluetooth antena+coding+labor=$2900
It cost me $32 for mic, $41 for Bluetooth antena and $120 coding =$193
So,again thanks a lot for posting the instructions that helped me and others do this retro fit
I owe you a beer!
Yeah man, it's a smaller world than we know. Glad they took care of you and glad the guide helped! This is what forums are all about.

I was going to have Ray do the coding for me as well, we even discussed what was necessary and he knew exactly how to code it, but I couldn't get up to Sac for a few weeks and was anxious to get BT working once I had all the parts, so I had Greg @ detailADDICT do it.

I'll definitely take you up on that beer next time I'm up in Sac town