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Hi guys,

Just to add I had to have the solenoids replaced on my 2007 335i recently. I was getting an engine warning light and crawl mode pretty much every time I started the car from cold in the morning aftert about 5 minutes driving. It would also give a code and go into crawl mode when on the track or pushing hard on the road. I tried cleaning the solenoids and BMW ran some sort of high pressure flushing procedure on them which improved the cold start warnings but not the track ones. Eventually got the solenoids replaced and this sorted the problem. Cleaning them was very easy, wish I'd just replaced them myself, would have saved a lot of money .

The errors I was getting in the logs were -
2A87 DME: Exhaust VANOS, mechanism
30FE DME: Turbocharger, boost pressure too high
2A99 DME: Crankshaft - exhaust camshaft reference
3100 DME: Boost-pressure control, deactivation